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SRecorder is intended to capture images from the screen, and along with them, it can also record internal or microphone sound. While being executed, the tool runs as a small icon in the System Tray. Moreover, there is a recording button that slides from the right edge of your screen when you approach it with the mouse cursor.

This is probably the perfect tool for those users who have no experience with this type of software. It has a very simple workflow with a few basic steps: starting to record, choosing to capture sound or not, selecting the screen area to grab, stopping your recording and deciding what to do with the resulting footage. As to this final step, only three operations are possible. First, you can simply save it to your disk; second, you can upload it to the developer’s servers; and third, you can share it over a social network site.

However, what makes this program easy to use becomes a huge disadvantage for those users who want to do more than that. For instance, the tool does not allow selecting a dynamic screen region or a specific window. Moreover, it does not support any output format other than MP4. In addition, you cannot use hotkeys combinations to start and stop recordings. To make things even worse, the program cannot capture gameplay in full-screen mode.

All in all, I would recommend you to try SRecorder before making any decisions as this could be the ideal program for you in case you are not sufficiently skilled or just need to do very simple things. For example, it can easily help you record a streaming video directly from a webpage or record a simple video tutorial for an application. Still, you could be extremely disappointed if you expect more than that. Fortunately, there is no money to lose because the product is absolutely free.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Easier to use than other similar tools
  • Records sound both internally or from a microphone
  • Video sharing over a network or social sites


  • Only MP4 supported as output format
  • No dynamic region selection
  • Hotkey combinations not allowed
  • Recording gameplay in full-screen mode not supported
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